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Free Flowcode Course

This new screen-based suite of tutorials is designed to give a 50 hour course in developing e-systems using Flowcode and E-blocks. Those with version 3 PICmicro microcontroller development boards should also be able to make use of these tutorials. The download is provided free for students. The download does not include the worksheets and assessment system. Companies and Educational Institutions are not licenced to use this product. A full free version of this product - including the worksheets and assessment system will be available with selected E-blocks packs. To use this course first install Dot Net 2.0 and Java and then download the Flowcourse. No support is given for this product.

Flowcourse 3 technical requirements

- Dot Net 2.0 is required for all screen-based courses (unless specified) . Dot Net 2.0 can be installed via Windows Update, or can be downloaded from the Microsoft site at:
Note: There are certain Windows installer pre-requites for .Net 2.0 so please read the page carefully.

- Certain courses require Java 1.5 or later. If a course requires Java it will be specified in the course details.
Java can be downloaded from: Our Learning Centre contains hundreds of other resources:
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Resource Date Version (Old) Type
Flowcode - Intro to Microcontrollers course (Free)2011-04-271   
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